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· Antimicrobial Properties.  Recently, the growing occurrences of multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria and the appearance of strains with decreased susceptibility to antibiotics have led to the search of novel antimicrobial agents from natural sources for therapeutic and preventive objectives against microbial diseases, and feed additives in the animal industry.

The compounds present in Fitotek’s products belong to major groups of phytochemicals with founded antimicrobial properties against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and virus, and beneficial microbes of the gastrointestinal.

· Methanogenesis.  The ruminal methane production is a by-product of the microbial digestive process and represents a loss of 2–12% of the feed energy. Furthermore, emission of methane is considered as one of the most important global environmental issues.

Recent studies on methane emissions by ruminants provide evidence that saponins and tannins may have potential as an antimethanogenic agent.

The symbiosis of protozoa with methanogenic bacteria in the rumen is well established, and selective suppression of protozoa has been suggested to be a promising approach to reduce the methane production. They modify ruminal fermentation by suppressing protozoa and selectively inhibiting some bacteria.