Quillaja Powder Toggle


Quillaja saponaria.

The Quillaja saponaria tree is original from South America, being most abundant at central region of Chile. It thrives in dry climates and poor soils. Of slow growing, it can reach 15 feet high. The bark and wood contain a high concentration of triterpene saponins, natural detergent used through centuries by natives of the southern America for washing clothes and hair.

The quillaja in animal feed can be a good replacement of antibiotics. Its saponins stimulate and modulate the immune system, enhancing the immune response to pathogen and fostering the effect of traditional vaccines. Furthermore, these compounds are active at intestine cell membranes, improving the absorption of nutrients. This is complemented by the ability of the phenolic compounds present in the quillaja to reduce annoying odors from animal feces.

Fitotek is concerned about the source of Quillaja, which is obtained from top quality native forest, far from commercial plantations and rich in terms of active compounds, like saponins.